Ransomware is a data access issue”   

Get the Security of Zero Trust Data Access and Mitigate Ransomware

The #1 Pure-Play Zero Trust Data Access and Sharing Platform that extends data security for unstructured data and collaboration. FileFlex is fully integrated into Windows to extend zero trust data security across the Microsoft ecosystem.

FileFlex Enterprise Overview Video (2:35)

Secure Federated Zero Trust Data File Access Now Integrated into Windows Across Your Hybrid IT Network

Zero trust data remote access, sharing, collaboration and management of files and folders directly from Windows file manager and Windows apps. Your files can be located anywhere – on your device, on your hybrid infrastructure, in the Cloud and over the Internet. And you get 100% centralized IT control with decentralized real-time enforcement of your global data with alerts.

ZTDA Across the Enterprise Mitigates Today’s Ransomware Chaos

The FileFlex for Windows solution unifies the data access and governance of data storage across multiple domain environments using a zero trust data architecture to reduce the risk of ransomware.

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“As ransomware continues to wreak havoc on organizations, security and risk management leaders must take a data-centric view of this data-focused threat.” 

How FileFlex Transforms Enterprise Data Security

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No App Required… Seamless Zero Trust Windows Integration

Seamless plug and play Windows overlay service for global organizations

higher education and zero trust

No duplication of your data

No change in workflow, no learning curve for users

No additional storage infrastructure

Management Dashboard Gives IT Control

Centralized Control. Decentralized Enforcement.

The management console allows IT administrators to provide subsidiaries, partners and supply chains to add their own storage repositories and users to FileFlex Enterprise as siloed tenants while the centralized IT administrator maintains control, visibility and access over all tenants.

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User Management

Set user permissions and control access to the storage and files they can access.

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Storage & Sharing Management

Granular control over sharing and storage permissions micro-segmented down to file level to protect PHI, PII and confidential data.

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Data Activity Tracking

FileFlex logs all activities across your enterprise storage and sends log data to your SIEM software where you can create relevant rules and alerts. It provides unlimited visibility to all remote data access and shares.

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Zero Trust Data Access Across Your Federated Hybrid IT Infrastructure

FileFlex Completes Your Zero Trust Data Protection

Extending Enterprise Zero Trust Policy to Remote Data Access & Sharing

FileFlex Enterprise completes your Zero Trust migration and is a great compliment to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA) solutions because it is not limited to a network segment or application, but provides IT-controlled access micro-segmented to the file and folder level across the entire infrastructure of on-premises, cloud-hosted and SharePoint storage.

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