Protecting Access and Sharing of Personal Health Information with ZTDA for Windows

Quality care means that unstructured medical files located in multiple disparate silos often need to be accessed and shared while protecting the privacy of personal health information (PHI) and in compliance with health and privacy regulations such as HIPAA. Secure sharing, which can be time-limited, is subject to user verification and can be micro-segmented down to file and folder level and access is granted only to the least privilege needed to complete the task – all within the secure framework of a ZTDA platform.

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Improve Compliant Communication Flow While Protecting Patient Privacy

Patient care today involves multiple unrelated health providers – the family doctor, the specialist, the hospital, the clinic, labs, home care, physiotherapy, pharmacy, insurance, etc. FileFlex Enterprise allows personal health information (PHI) to be shared and accessed collaboratively and securely using ZTDA. And all actions are managed by IT, in compliance with health and privacy regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Secure Compliant Data Sharing Between Unrelated Health Providers

The location of unstructured data within the healthcare system can be incredibly complex. Not only can it be located in on-premises storage, but it could be with a cloud provider or on a SharePoint repository. Any of these can be used in the IT ecosystems of hospitals, clinics, independent labs, independent digital imaging providers, home care providers, physiotherapists, pharmacies, insurance agencies, etc. all operating as separate silos of information. The Zero Trust Data Access based platform of FileFlex Enterprise allows the many healthcare stakeholders access to each other’s permitted healthcare information within Windows under a single-pane-of-glass where it can be accessed as if they were on a local drive, regardless of the difficulties related to the disparate systems and technologies

IT Control Over Remote Access to PHI

Governance and managing personal health information across disparate repository types, locations, and third parties can be a major problem. FileFlex Enterprise provides organizations with a management toolkit to control access to unstructured data which may include personal health information. It allows them to control data access, set policies, and assign access on a user-by-user or group- by-group basis with storage location, folder, or even file-level granularity. They have complete visibility to every action on every file or folder (including administrators) – whether it is access, modification or share – and gives management the ability to flag suspicious behavior.