Qnext at a glance

Qnext Corp. is a global developer of disruptive apps and private cloud technologies committed to simplifying and protecting your digital life through innovation, imagination and state-of-the-art software.

Our mission

In response to our need for accessible data, the better solution is to use a zero trust architecture to virtualize file access to all the company’s disparate storage infrastructure and devices. This enables on-premises, cloud-hosted and SharePoint storage to be available anytime, anywhere via a single-pane-of-glass. The zero trust data access technology behind FileFlex essentially takes the company-owned infrastructure, puts it under IT control, and makes it securely accessible to a remote workforce.

A Passion For Innovation

Designing, developing, strategizing, writing, architecting, programming among a tight knit team of introverted extroverts. Above all, we’re a cross-disciplined collective of industry veterans who bring passion and purpose to creating end-to-end solutions. At Qnext, disruptive products are the passion of our company, demonstrated in the details.

Game Changers & Rule Breakers

App makers, artists, scientists, technologists and anthropologists. We take a deep dive into problems we all face in our changing world, swim around in the issue, re-think the experience of our users and then start again from scratch because no convention is sacred here and the status is far from quo.

Anthony DeCristofaro

Anthony DeCristofaro, president and CEO, Qnext Corp.

Anthony DeCristofaro trusts no one.

As president and CEO of cybersecurity disruptor Qnext Corp., he is at the forefront of Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA), the “heavy lifter” and a transformative subset of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) that has become, thanks to President Biden’s new executive orders in support of a Zero Trust approach to security, the rising star in large-scale enterprise data protection and safety for the new remote workplace.

Qnext’s flagship FileFlex Enterprise is the world’s first ZTDA platform for the expanding global remote workplace, and the only file and folder data protection technology built on ZTA capable of reducing exposure to infrastructure and corporate breaches caused by VPN exploits and spear-phishing attacks — from Tesla to Colonial Pipeline, Microsoft Exchange, SolarWinds, Bombardier, Florida Water System, and Canada Revenue Agency, among just a few of the global organizations that have experienced consequential breaches of their “crown jewels”.

As vulnerable-to-cyberattack infrastructures and corporations begin to pivot from VPN to engagement and adoption of easy-to-use ZTA to provide secure, authenticated and constantly re-verified remote access to employees, customers, partners, contractors, and gig workers, DeCristofaro’s leadership since 2014 has positioned FileFlex as the new world benchmark and bedrock of Zero Trust data protection.

Charting the platform’s reach into the highest IT echelons of government infrastructure and corporate data protection, DeCristofaro has leveraged FileFlex’s breakthroughs and innovations into a slate of high-profile strategic global partnerships with tech giants Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and NEC platforms.

He has also attracted the impressive skillset of U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Mike Brown, a leading cybersecurity expert and former director of cybersecurity coordination for the Department of Homeland Security to Qnext’s Board Advisory Team, further enhancing the company’s well-earned reputation as a game-changer and rule-breaker in Zero Trust cybersecurity.

With an international business and technology background, DeCristofaro has been building disruptive technologies into best-in-category companies for more than 30 years. A major force in launching new and established tech players, DeCristofaro’s biggest accomplishments include re-shaping the traditional photography landscape as CEO and co-founder of the Intel-invested MGI Software with PhotoSuite, the number one consumer digital photography product, outselling Adobe, and Microsoft, as well as VideoWave, a pioneer in the consumer video editing market. DeCristofaro steered MGI’s cap value on the TSE to over $1 billion and later merged with Roxio in 2002.

He built his corporate career by setting up NEC Canada and was behind the computer, notebook and monitor manufacturer’s entry into the market, propelling it to over $100 million in sales in its first year. As GM of AST Canada in the late ‘90s, his sales and marketing strategies drove sales from $2 million to over $400 million in just three years, representing 20 percent of AST’s global sales.

Over the course of his career, DeCristofaro has been sought out as a member of several high-profile public Boards, including Hartco, Delrina, Realbiz Media, Synchronica, and TransGaming.

Before joining Qnext, DeCristofaro ran his own tech start-up called iseemedia Inc., a successful mobile software company focused on bringing desktop email to cell phones via text with an advanced content delivery platform and was acquired by Synchronica, a London Stock Exchange-listed listed company.