Now You Can Have a Plug-And-Play Windows Secure Zero Trust Data Access and Sharing of Very Large CAD Files for Your Distributed Workforce

Architectural and engineering firms typically use a distributed workforce of employees and contractors that work on remote sites. They use laptops, tablets and smart phones when they access and share very large CAD files. FileFlex Enterprise for Windows provides access and sharing of large files over the Internet from inside Windows applications like AutoCAD. This means that teams on site can be much more productive. They can access and share files securely with enhanced zero trust data protection of the intellectual property they are using without the need of a VPN.

Access and Share Large Files From Within Windows Over the Internet

Today’s architectural and engineering projects involve hundreds of very large CAD files. FileFlex Enterprise allows remote access and sharing of these critical schematics over the Internet from within Windows over a standard Internet connection. Full integration with Windows means that remote locations look and act like a local drive under a single-pane-of-glass with easy access and no change in workflow.

Access and Share Large Files from a Tablet or Smartphone

Project managers and skilled workers need to access CAD files when on the worksite, often from a tablet or smartphone. FileFlex Enterprise allows remote workers to natively access large AutoCAD, Photoshop and Adobe files from within Windows. With FileFlex Enterprise you can now have super secure access and its plug-and-play from Windows using any smartphone or tablet without needing a license for the source application.

Protect Intellectual Property

The main competitive advantage for architects and engineers is their intellectual property. The Zero Trust Data Access technology of FileFlex Enterprise allows organizations to control access to confidential documents and can prohibit sharing or restrict sharing with downloading prohibited. Intellectual property can be located on-premises without being copied to the servers of third parties. Additionally, the activity log provides visibility to all access, sharing or modification of trade secrets for forensic investigations. Alerts and the ability to auto-export to SIEM software can flag suspicious activity.

Enable Contractors and Gig-Workers with Controlled Information Access

Both large and small jobs require extensive use of skilled contractors that need access to design files. FileFlex Enterprise allows IT to control remote data access on their SharePoint or hybrid infrastructure to just the information needed, with least-privilege as needed policies to enable the remote contractor workforce.

Unstructured data issues

Replace Reliance on VPN Connections with their Slow Upload and Download Speeds

Traditionally your remote workforce must download job-related CAD files and open with a local copy of the CAD software over a VPN. Due to the large size of these files, this can be a slow and expensive process. FileFlex Enterprise provides remote access to files from their source locations over the Internet without the need for a VPN.