We built our entire technology with the intention of partnering with MSPs like you.

Grow your business. Make your customers happy. With minimal investment

Become a FileFlex Virtual Operator & Build a Recurring Revenue Business Model With a Zero Trust Solution Your Clients Will Love

  • Offer FileFlex Enterprise as your own service offering and maintain customer control.  You set your prices and margins. You bill the customer.
  • Delivers a sustainable recurring revenue business model.
  • Is easy to scale as you grow.
  • You can provide free trials to clients.
  • Includes a complete management toolkit.
  • It is the perfect solution for multiple storage environments.
  • Is the ideal solution for zero trust data implementations.
  • Getting started is free – there are no obligations and no risk.

FileFlex Enterprise Delivers a Sustainable Recurring Revenue Business

With FileFlex Enterprise you build a profitable and sustainable recurring-revenue business your clients will love. You set your prices and margins and increase your ARPU.

No Obligations, Minimal Investment

We work with our partners to achieve mutual success. Our contract has no obligations. The multi-tenant VM server is no charge and we even provide you a number of free seats to let your clients test drive before they purchase.

Your Own Service Offering

As a FileFlex Virtual Operator, you maintain customer control. You offer FileFlex Enterprise as your own service. You determine your offering. You set your prices and margins. You bill the customer. With the management console, you can deploy and manage your clients from your own server. Perfect.

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