Protect Your IP

Your IP is perhaps your most valuable asset. Manufacturers use FileFlex enterprise to protect intellectual property and control the unstructured data files that they share with their supply chains, sub-contractors and third-party partners.

Protect Intellectual Property

The Zero Trust Data Access technology of FileFlex Enterprise is the perfect tool to control remote access and sharing of the highly confidential specifications that manufacturers need to supply potential third-party contractors in the RFQ process. It allows them to control who can access confidential files, and also allows them the ability to restrict sharing and downloading and provides an audit log of every touch to this sensitive information.

Federate Disparate Silos and Connect to Content Wherever It Is Stored

Manufacturers store critical information in many different locations. Some may be on the FTP server, some on a local NAS, some on a cloud server and some on the corporate SharePoint. And the information could be spread across multiple domains. FileFlex Enterprise federates all the relevant locations together in a single-pane-of-glass in Windows.

Access Needs to be Simplified

Critical information is created by your engineers and project managers, but needs to be found, accessed and used by front-line skilled trades who may be less tech-savvy. You don’t want to have to train them on how to use multiple apps to access these multiple technologies. When critical information is accessed as though it was on a local drive from within Windows, no training is required. Your workforce uses their normal workflow to get the information they need, when they need it, and in a manner that they are already familiar with.

Avoid Shadow IT

Engineering diagrams, blueprints, manuals and instruction documents can be incredibly complex and enormous. Since sharing and accessing these files can be cumbersome, employees will be tempted to use easier and less secure alternatives that are not under the control of your IT department. FileFlex Enterprise allows access and controlled sharing of very large files from within Windows – no separate app required.

Sharing of confidential information can be tracked and controlled by either the user or IT. Files can be shared with ‘View Only’ permission where downloading is not permitted, sharing can be prohibited altogether and access restricted to authorized personnel or full sharing permissions can be granted that allow recipients to download and edit. All activities are tracked and logged. Users will not need to use their own alternatives.

Replace Reliance on VPN Connections with their Slow Upload and Download Speeds

Traditionally your skilled labor workforce and contractor must download job-related CAD files and open them with a local copy of the CAD software over a VPN. Due to the large size of these files, this can be a slow and expensive process. FileFlex Enterprise provides access to files from their source locations over the network or the Internet without the need for a VPN.