Secure Zero Trust Federated Windows Access to All of Your Data Repositories

FileFlex Enterprise is a Windows overlay service that addresses the problems created by the proliferation of unstructured data by unifying the access, sharing and governance of data storage across on-premises, cloud-hosted and SharePoint storage over multiple domain environments using a secure Zero Trust Architecture.

Strong IT Administration

Using the management console, IT can administer users, groups, access and permissions of storage repositories, file sharing and security. Further, it has controls over data access, device access, audit and accountability, system and communication protection, and system and information integrity.

Centralized Control, Decentralized Enforcement

Distributed administration capability allows your subsidiaries, partners and supply chain to use FileFlex under your umbrella but via their administration so that common files can be shared and accessed securely.

Increased Security

Extensive security controls and zero trust data access architecture increase the security of file access and sharing. Now you can protect workforce data access from anywhere in the world. Learn More>

Reduced Risk of Ransomware

User authentication, micro-segmentation, activity logging, reduced use of attachments virtual data rooms and security features reduce the risk of ransomware. Learn More >

Secure, Controlled Sharing

Share any file located on cloud-hosted, on-premises and SharePoint from Windows File Manager. Restrict file sharing of sensitive documents, set up alerts over suspicious activity and control permissions such as View-Only, Editing Permitted, Downloading Permitted, Uploads, Time-Limited, etc.

“Unstructured data represents an astounding 80 to 90% of all new enterprise data, and it’s growing 3X faster than structured data.”

Windows Integration and Federation of Organizational Storage

Access and share cloud, on-premises and SharePoint repositories across multiple domains federated in Windows. No duplication of data, no change in workflow and no learning curve for users.

Full Windows Functionality of Remote Storage

Remote storage behaves like a local drive in Windows with full file management between remote repositories such as cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, send to, drag and drop, quick access, shortcuts and pins.

Access From Within Any Windows Program

In app ‘File Open’, ‘Import’, and ‘Place’ directly from remote repositories. ‘Export’ and ‘File Save’ directly to remote repositories.

Creation of Virtual Data Rooms

Create an unlimited number of virtual data rooms for employees, partners, clients contractors and external parties to store, collaborate and share files from. Control access, viewing, sharing, editing and downloading rights for each participant on a user-by-user basis.

Superior Sharing of Large Files and Libraries

Users can share files and libraries of unlimited size. Great for organizations that deal with large digital media files such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop – advertising and marketing organizations, video production, movie production, special effects, TV, cable, and internet broadcasters and content producers. Perfect for organizations that use AutoCAD such as construction, architects, engineers, and utilities.

Machine-to-Machine File Transfer

Administrators can use machine-to- machine transfer capabilities for file migration of entire storage locations and devices.

Aids Regulatory Compliance

Addresses significant elements of compliance with regulations such as CMMC, NIST SP 800-171, FedRAMP, HIPAA and GDPR for remote data access.


Pure-Play Zero Trust Architecture Extended Into Windows and the Microsoft Ecosystem

FileFlex Enterprise adds productivity and security based on a zero trust architecture into your Microsoft ecosystem by integrating and working with your Microsoft products, cloud services and enterprise utilities.

It extends zero trust data access and sharing into a Microsoft ecosystem with: Micro-Segmentation, Identity Management, Role-Based Least Privilege Access and Activity Tracking

Access and Sharing of SharePoint in Windows

Share, access and collaborate with both self-hosted and Microsoft-hosted implementations of SharePoint including with external parties. Federates SharePoint to the rest of your entire corporate infrastructure within Windows.

FileFlex Enterprise is a More Secure and Superior Replacement to FTP

FileFlex can be used to access and federate your existing FTP into Windows or can be used as a more secure and superior replacement. Securely built on a modern zero trust architecture, it enables the sharing and collaboration of large files, the creation of virtual data rooms, can control access to specific files and folders with no duplication and no additional storage costs. It tracks activities, facilitates user-to-user, user-to-server and server-to-server sharing access and file transfer with easy maintenance and lower costs.

Cost Efficient

Flat fixed pricing per user with no cost creep that leverages your existing storage investments, infrastructure and IT resources, and can reduce the use of VPNs and cloud services.

How FileFlex Transforms Enterprise Data Security

FileFlex Enterprise awarded Best Data Privacy Solution 2022 from RegTech and Ernst &Young (EY)