Secure and Controlled Access to Confidential Client Information

Law firms store vast amounts of client-confidential and sensitive information. However, with the rise of remote work, secure access to this information is now a priority. As the pioneer and leader in zero trust data access, FileFlex Enterprise is the ideal solution to secure and control the access of the workforce to client confidential information. The Zero Trust Data Access technology allows secure access to any file or folder located anywhere in the corporate infrastructure, easily from within Windows and with any Windows application, just as though it was on a local drive.

Unified Secure Access Within Windows of Any Storage Location

Like most organizations today, law firms have vast amounts of unstructured data located on thousands of devices and in multiple offices in the form of legal documents. FileFlex Enterprise unifies access to these documents from any locations within Windows where they act as though they are on local drives. The files can be located on servers, server-attached, network-attached or storage of individual PCs, cloud-hosted storage of Amazon, Azure, Google, OneDrive or Box, or both self-hosted or Microsoft-hosted implementations of SharePoint.

Protect Personally Identifiable Information

Law firms are trusted with the most sensitive Personally Identifiable Information and confidential data that their clients have. And their clients trust them to keep that information protected. FileFlex Enterprise uses a Zero Trust Data Access architecture and extensive security controls over the access and sharing of these files. That includes the ability to restrict sharing and access of PII and client-confidential information to ‘access-only’ (no sharing) and ‘view-only’ (no downloading). Sensitive information can even be stored, access and shared from on-premises storage where it is not subject to secret legalized access and exfiltration from third parties, law enforcement, and foreign powers via the CLOUD Act.

Share With Clients Even If They Are Not Technology Savvy

Often legal documents need to be shared by lawyers and with clients who might not be technology savvy. For infrequent use, FileFlex Enterprise allows clients to access via a simple user app from within their browser that is easy and intuitive to use even for users that are not tech-savvy. Legal staff and clients that need heavy access can use the Windows Integrated Client and access storage locations as if they are on a local drive within Windows with no learning curve.

Create Secure and Private Virtual Data Rooms on a Client-by-Client Basis

The best way to receive and provide information to clients is via virtual data rooms. FileFlex Enterprise allows each legal firm user to easily set up and provide access to an unlimited number of virtual data rooms – one or more per client with many guests having access as required. Guest access can be restricted on a person-by-person basis with some or all can be access-controlled with ‘No downloading’ or ‘No sharing’ as needed. Users can track every access and every activity of every guest in their activity log.

Control Remote Access to Sensitive Legal Information

Clients expect law firms to govern and control access to their information. FileFlex Enterprise has extensive governance abilities and an IT management toolkit to control access and sharing of any and all unstructured data including legal documents and an activity log with alerts that can be exported to SIEM software and be used to flag suspicious behavior or to aid in forensic investigation to support the firm’s needs to meet professional standards and privacy regulations.