Become a FileFlex ZTDA Managed Services Security Partner

As a FileFlex ZTDA Managed Services Security Partner you deliver our zero trust data overlay services as your own zero trust data security solution. You set your prices and margins. You host the services. You bill the customer.

With the FileFlex Enterprise ZDTA overlay service you will be geared up for the latest in remote worker cyber protection

It’s time to join the growing global network of managed security service providers and provide the FileFlex zero trust data security overlay service to enterprise, government, education and many other customers.

Our ZTDA Managed Service Security Partner Program enables you to grow a robust zero trust data security services business by providing you with the sales, marketing, and technical support you need to give your clients amazing service levels.

How We Support Our ZTDA Managed Services Partners

Partner Success Team

Your success is our goal. Within 24 hours of registering, members of our Partner Success Team will contact you and get you up and running on our program. And, when you need some advice, the ZTDA Success Team will be there to help out.

Partner with FileFlex and we’ll help you build and sustain a profitable customer relationship with our solutions. You will get product discounts, support and ongoing access to valuable content and webinars.

Smart Marketing Tools to Increase Sales

Close more deals and upsell more clients with proven sales and marketing assets. With campaigns-in-a-box, pricing and positioning guides, and demos at your fingertips, you’ve got everything you need to grow revenue, reduce churn, and ensure your success.

  • Account Dashboard: Get a quick summary of your account status.
  • Content Hub: Access our marketing content so you can provide your customers with useful information.
  • Support: Submit support requests to your assigned sales engineer.
  • Sales: Check out the latest materials, promotions and development programs plus pricing and licensing information.
  • Training: Send your technicians to attend our training seminars to receive certification.

Certified ZTDA Education Program

We want to make you experts. Our on-demand instruction program for technical and sales professionals is designed to enhance your zero trust data cybersecurity knowledge. Our ZDTA Programs include sales and support training, sales engineer certification and webinars to help you overcome todays and tomorrow’s cyber challenges.

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