Access. Share. Collaborate.
From Any Storage Location.

file access virtualization

Enables secure private cloud access to all your storage devices


Access files on your servers, SAN, NAS and FTP. Get to your public, private and virtual private clouds, even access your desktops and laptops.


Enables users to share and collaborate files and folders with internal and/or external colleagues or teams.


Work collaboratively with your colleagues.


The privacy and security of the information can be contained completely on-premise with high level encrypted access.

Why File Access Virtualization?

People need to get their files from all devices

Files need to be shared

We need to collaborate

Need to keep information private and secure

Private Streaming

Need to be organized

File Access Virtualization

Why Use Fileflex?

Increase Productivity

Fileflex allows you to start a task on one device and finish it on another. By enabling continuity between users and their files – whether stored on their corporate infrastructure, personal computers, private or public clouds – Fileflex enables you to be productive no matter where you are or what device you are using.

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Secure Access, Sharing and Collaboration

Fileflex allows high level encrypted access to source locations of content anywhere that content is stored through one simple digital hub.  There are no limits to file or storage size and there is no quality degradation as files are accessed without compression. FileFlex enables you to easily access, share and collaborate any file on the corporate infrastructure from anywhere with anyone making syncing irrelevant.

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Information Security and Privacy under IT Control

Corporate information stays under the umbrella of the corporate owned infrastructure and control of IT.  Privacy and security of information can be contained completely on-premise without worrying about breaches, outages, ownership or who has access to data when it is stored and maintained by third parties.  Users have encrypted direct access to source locations without uploads to FileFlex, Qnext or any third party.  Real-time event logging provides an audit trail of file access actions – even if files are allowed and moved to a public cloud.

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Step 1

Create an account and install Fileflex on your computer.


Step 2

Install Fileflex on all your mobile devices.