Access. Share. Stream.
From Any Storage Location.

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file flex file access sharing streaming

Enables secure remote access to all your storage devices


Access files on your servers, SAN, NAS and FTP. Get to your public, private and virtual private clouds, even access your desktops and laptops.


Enables users to share and collaborate files and folders with internal and/or external colleagues or teams.


Work collaboratively with your colleagues.


The privacy and security of the information can be contained completely on-premise with high level encrypted access.

Why FileFlex?

People need to get their files from all devices

Files need to be shared

We need to collaborate

Need to keep information private and secure

Private Streaming

Need to be organized

file flex file access sharing streaming

Understanding FileFlex

What is FileFlex?

FileFlex is a service from Qnext Corp for remote access and sharing of files saved anywhere on a corporate storage infrastructure.

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What Makes FileFlex Different?

It is differentiated from Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services through its proprietary file access virtualization technology.

File access virtualization abstracts files from their physical locations to enable remote access of files from their source locations. The location of the file can be anywhere on a corporate infrastructure.

It disrupts traditional cloud solutions  because it enables users  to put technology on their own storage for remote access and sharing.  With FileFlex, users keep their files where they are. They securely access, share or stream that content right from where it was saved.   Users don’t need to build a private cloud or copy anything to a third party provider.

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Why Do I Need It?

Traditionally, if you want files and folders to be available to on any device you are working on wherever you are, you are required to copy those files and folders to a secondary location such as a public or private cloud. It is the cloud storage that is virtualized. Files copied to the cloud are abstracted from their physical location, while the files on your devices are not. In other words, you have to copy your stuff from the storage on your device, to virtualized storage – to the cloud – to someone else’s computer.

With FileFlex, that all changes. With FileFlex you can virtualize your own storage – all your storage – server storage, server attached storage such as NAS, SAN and DAS, desktops, laptops, FTP, public and private clouds. When you virtualize your own storage, all your files on all your storage devices are abstracted from their physical locations. All your files can be accessed from any computer, any laptop, any tablet or any smart phone, from anywhere. You don’t have to upload or sync them to a third party. Syncing of data to secondary locations is no longer needed and is no longer relevant. In fact syncing becomes obsolete. Your data stays on your storage, on your premises, behind your firewall and under your control.

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What Does FileFlex Do?

Remote Access – It provides remote access to files stored anywhere on a corporate infrastructure. Access can be from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer; Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows tablet or smart phone; or any internet connected kiosk. The access to all storage is from a simple dashboard.

File Sharing – It provides file sharing from source locations without having to sync files to secondary locations. There are no storage limitations, no file size limits, no quality degradation (no compression) and no complicated IT type setup requirements for the sharing of files.

Media Streaming – It allows the streaming of media files from their source locations to the user or to any contact.

Remote Multi-Location File Management – It enables users to use any internet connected device to cut, paste, copy, delete, move and organize any document located anywhere on the corporate infrastructure including cloud storage. Remote file management bypasses physical access to a device, re-entering credentials to a device and/or the vendor’s proprietary software which can sometimes be quite cumbersome. This is a particularly useful feature for file management of NAS and server storage or for easy data transfer.

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File Access Virtualization | FileFlex

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File Access Virtualization | FileFlex

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