On your storage.
Under your control.
Zero trust compliance.

Keep and share your data stored anywhere on your Hybrid-IT infrastructure. FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution that runs on a VM behind the firewall and allows users to access and share data in their source locations. Distributed workforces can share data remotely in minutes, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

The remote workforce has exploded and FileFlex is the new standard for remote data access and sharing

The remote workforce has escalated by 400% in the past decade – according to a recent GetApp Report. With the addition of pandemic contingency planning much more secure technologies like FileFlex Enterprise that conform with zero-trust processes need to be deployed to ensure that remote access and shared data are safe for these new workforce norms.

FileFlex patented architecture provides ground-up zero-trust security

The perimeter approach of using firewalls and anti-virus software is now being augmented with zero-trust measures. The FileFlex zero-trust approach of always authenticating and always verifying all transactions all the time with a “never trust, always verify” model means access to data is secured and controlled through a zero-trust platform. The switch to zero trust for remote data access and sharing is the new norm.

IT Control Panel & Activity Log

The control panel works together with existing tools such as Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication like TFA, U2F, device fingerprinting, device locking, and login controls and by integrating with Active Directory and LDAP for file access, permission and rights management. It is used to specify and enforce encryption policies for access to and transfer from storage repositories which can be customized on a case-by-case basis. You can customize security levels for users on a user-by-user basis and/or departmental basis. It includes activity logging and tools to allow export or integration with 3rd party monitoring and incident management tools. It allows IT to integrate with and enforce their antivirus support for all documents uploaded to the corporate infrastructure remotely during access and sharing.

Supports both on-premises and cloud-hosted storage

From a single pane-of-glass FileFlex Enterprise provides IT controlled access and sharing and to all content located on your on-premises and your cloud-hosted multicloud infrastructures – no VPN required. This includes remote offices, on-premises corporate server, department NAS, an individual’s PC, private cloud, public cloud, SharePoint or Infrastructure-as-a- Service storage such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon S3.

FileFlex provides remote access to data without a VPN

FileFlex enables access to terabytes of file share data that lives behind your firewall without the need for a VPN and without re-configuring permissions. FileFlex Enterprise abstracts the infrastructure from shared data providing secure data access as granular as a single file and protecting against unauthorized access to the organization’s infrastructure without the need for a VPN.

FileFlex provides a robust security framework

FileFlex remote access to data gives you a simplified storage structure and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) are under your control. Add AES 256 encrypted hybrid point-to-point communication, optional end-to-end double-encryption, Intel SGX hardware hardening, two-factor authentication, device authentication, virus scanning, single sign-on (SSO), active directory integration, and operation and incident management and you have a solution offers a much lower risk posture. FileFlex brings you confidentiality, integrity and availability capabilities (CIA) with minimal impact on existing processes and infrastructure.

FileFlex is the perfect addition to SharePoint

FileFlex Enterprise is the perfect addition to any implementation of SharePoint. If your implementation is on-premises, then FileFlex will provide remote access to your distributed workforce and allow for sharing with external users. You don’t need to migrate your SharePoint to the cloud-based version, you don’t have to add external users to your SharePoint and you don’t need to use a VPN for remote access. If your implementation of SharePoint is cloud-based or on-premises, then FileFlex integrates SharePoint in a ‘Single-Pane-of-Glass’ to your entire corporate infrastructure.

FileFlex improves productivity

As opposed to centralized cloud storage that requires transferring and storing duplicated files over the internet to a central data center located miles away, the decentralized cloud or edge computing architecture of FileFlex addresses the inefficiency issues of uploading, downloading and syncing subsets of data to the limited storage capacity of cloud servers.

Create secure virtual data rooms with FileFlex

Now with FileFlex, you don’t need to build or pay for expensive third-party hosted data room services. You can easily create as many data rooms as you like where files and folders of information can be securely and privately uploaded without cost by your associates, vendors, suppliers and clients. Files can then be either accessed in ‘view-only’ or ‘view & print only’ mode where downloading and electronic distribution of data room content is prohibited, or they can be accessed with full editing and collaboration rights. Permissions can even be further refined on a user-by-user basis.

Now with FileFlex you can reduce your carbon footprint

The migration to the cloud has been the driving factor for more data center capacity, which is dramatically increasing energy consumption. According to the U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), this is costing American businesses $13 billion annually in electricity bills and emitting nearly 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year. FileFlex technology enables the distributed workforce to access files and databases over the Internet from source locations, without duplication to a data center significantly reducing the greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint of your organization.

FileFlex is a software-only solution that is easy to deploy

FileFlex Enterprise’s software-only solution leverages your existing storage investments, infrastructure and IT resources. It is easy to deploy, and once deployed, requires very little maintenance. FileFlex is cost-efficient because it does not require an expensive data center and extensive security to store duplicate copies of your files.

Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner competency helps Qnext differentiate itself as a trusted expert in the development and deployment of applications built using core Microsoft technologies placing it among the top five percent of Microsoft partners worldwide. For example, FileFlex Enterprise offers Microsoft on-premises SharePoint users easy access and sharing with both remote workers and external parties without using a VPN

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Qnext is a member of the HPE Technology Partner Program and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has tested and approved FileFlex for secure remote access and sharing of all organizational storage with select HPE servers and storage products.