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  • IT Management Console
  • Integrates with existing tools
  • Control and manage organization sharing
  • Software-only solution – no additional hardware required
  • Low monthly per user pricing, no cost creep
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Protects privacy and confidentiality
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance
  • Secure file sharing
  • Create virtual data rooms
  • Multi-location file management
  • Edit, make changes and replace
  • Remote data access
  • Zero-Trust security platform
  • Activity tracking
  • Secure P2P communications
  • Prohibit downloading
  • SSO, AD and LDAP integration
  • User authentication
  • Device authentication
  • On-premises storage
  • Cloud-hosted IaaS storage
  • SharePoint
  • Priority email support
  • Live chat support
  • Phone support
  • Advanced training for admins

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