Hardened with Intel® Data Guard

What Does It Mean?

What is Intel® Data Guard?

Intel® Data Guard technology provides hardened crypto functionality using Intel® Software Guard Extensions (or Intel® SGX) at the silicon level, ensuring that the encryption keys remain protected both at rest and in use.

 How is the security of FileFlex™ enhanced with Intel® Data Guard?

The  Intel® Data Guard integration into FileFlex™, ensures that even if your system is compromised, data is not snooped or tampered with at any stage of access or transmission.

How do I get Intel® Data Guard protection?

You require a computing device that has an 7th or 8th generation Intel® processor with SGX extensions such as processors with Intel® vPro technology.

How do I interpret the ‘Hardened with Intel® Data Guard’ checkmark?

If the Intel® Data Guard mark is checked, then FileFlex™ has detected and is using Intel®  Data Guard silicon level hardening to protect sensitive information even on a compromised system.

On an uncompromised system that does not support SGX technology, the security of FileFlex™  includes encrypted hybrid point-to-point communication with no duplication, no third parties, and all files are kept in their source locations behind the firewal. This brings superior privacy and security and a significantly reduced threat surface along with a simplified storage structure and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) that is under the organizations control.  And when you add sharing that is restricted to permitted contacts only, two-factor authentication, active directory integration and operation and incident management, you have a secure solution that offers confidentiality, integrity and availability capabilities (CIA) with minimal impact on existing processes and infrastructure.  For more information on the security features of FileFlex™ click here..