Partner Licensing

One solution to privately access, share and collaborate files of any size from a corporate infrastructure using any device, anytime, anywhere securely.


We provide our partners with secure cross-platform technologies that span a spectrum of devices for the connected world.

Our powerful and flexible secure cross-platform services-delivery architecture and hybrid communication technologies enable us to deliver customized solutions in multiple configurations within a short period of time for the SMB and business market.

FileFlex provides a fast entry into the rapidly growing private cloud market without internal infrastructure integration, while providing real benefits to SMB, business and enterprise users.

Key FileFlex Technology Benefits:

Access, share and collaborate in real-time, anywhere, anytime in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Seamlessly connect to your files stored at home, the office, or on the cloud no matter where you are.

Selectively search and share content of any size and type.

Stream and share media such as music, videos and movies.

A cross-platform sharing solution (Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Tablets and HTML 5).

Intelligent monetization model while providing real value to customers.

Capitalize on customer base, save on marketing costs, generate revenues and build a recurring services revenue stream.

No uploads necessary, means your content remains secure in its original location at all times.

A single customized app across all business units and partners.

Our partnering solutions and services enrich user experience, increase revenues, stickiness and improve productivity.

By partnering with Qnext, you will have access to a range of technologies and partnerships with leading providers in the new and exciting connected world and the private cloud market.

We are flexible in our partnership and licensing model to align with our partner vision and goals from co-branding to integrating existing services or applications to licensing our entire platform, products and technology to be used in multiple market segments.

Partnering is our way of doing business. We welcome business relationships with:

  • Device manufacturers (Mobile, Routers, NAS, smart appliances, computers, etc.)
  • Public cloud data storage providers
  • Data backup services providers
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Email service providers
  • Social networks and social business platforms
  • Clouds service providers
  • Managed service providers (MSPs)

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