Small legal firm

The Challenge:

Confidentiality is the primary challenge. And productivity is the next issue. Most EFSS systems are not perceived as secure enough to share data online with clients. As a result many lawyers and accountants.

Smaller legal partnership based in Toronto

10 staff

With FileFlex lawyers and accountants can share confidential data with clients anywhere… No cloud needed

The legal and accounting professions have tremendous data issues to overcome with cloud based services. Sensitive information means that cloud-based services are correctly sees as potentially dangerous for discreet and highly confidential data. With EFSS solutions a single piece of information may reside on premise and multiple images may also reside at the service provider, typically on-line, near-line, in redundant locations and perhaps even in off-line backup images managed and controlled by the service provider where the customer has little control. Regulatory compliance mandates force legal and accounting professionals to take seriously the need for secure authentication and authorization for file access coupled with the need for audit logs to all information assets that are shared. To be productive and respond rapidly to sensitive information, legal and accounting firms and their clients must be able to access and collaborate on highly sensitive data without fear.

FileFlex keeps files secure and improves productivity without the need for major capital investment

Secure File Sharing of Client Data… No Cloud Needed

  • No big EFSS Cloud costs for your firm.
  • No need for expensive overnight couriers to get documents delivered between firms and clients.
  • No need for emailing large file sizes that exceed the size limits of email systems.

Auditing Controls, Monitoring and Management

  • Enterprise class encryption and multi-tenancy for data protection, security, and control.
  • Detailed monitoring, auditing, and reporting lets administrator see who’s storing and sharing data.
  • FileFlex integrates Active Directory and LDAP for existing user authentication and adds a layer of data encryption that ensures full compliancy and as files stay in source locations – data residency is maintained.

FileFlex requires no additional capital expenses to deploy

  • Installing FileFlex is a low-cost investment, requiring minimal human or financial resources.
  • FileFlex provides possibly the best file management system available in the file sharing market – ensuring maximum productivity.
  • FileFlex Enterprise supports all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry for use on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • FileFlex supports BYOD adoption and is accessible on desktops in the firm along with laptops and mobile devices.

What can FileFlex do for your business?