International Marketing Agency

The Challenge:

A 7×24 operation with very large files (images and video) that are highly confidential and need to be shared and versioned between client and agency staff. Agency and client staff are highly mobile and need to be view many files without downloads.

International marketing company based in Europe and North America

40 staff spread across three continents

Secure file sharing without high EFSS cloud costs for the advertising industry

Today marketing agencies need an easy and affordable way to work collaboratively building media campaigns that demand a lot of collaboration, sharing and have very large image and video files. Existing EFSS solutions are expensive and often mean clients have a lot of download/bandwidth issues. Creating media products and sharing and collaborating with FileFlex is much less expensive and easy solution for small, medium and large agencies. Client satisfaction and creative achievement can be enhanced by utilizing FileFlex to share, stream and collaborate – without using the EFSS cloud.

The FileFlex Solution… No cloud required

No need for cloud uploads

  • No costly upload costs for large media files
  • Efficiently manage the integration of data, digital images, and video content. All files stay resident behind the Firewall – security levels are military grade

BYOD, mobility & high response viewing

  • Enable BYOD to easily review projects without expensive downloads and syncing.
  • Supports all popular notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Super fast viewing as no syncing, downloads or caching needed

Collaboration Permissions

  • Granular permissions can be applied as required
  • Easy to add or remove project collaborators.

No File Size Limits

  • Eliminate email attachment limits with large advertising project content.
  • Efficiently manage the integration of data, digital images, and video content.

Version Control

  • Version control and editing so that clients’ changes can be made and tracked
  • User can add comments to the project

Advanced Security

  • Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, and granular permissions for access and actions.
  • Audit, monitor, and control through logging and auditing of all files and groups.

What can FileFlex do for your business?