Higher education

The Challenge:

A 7×24 operation with large files that need to be shared and notated by students and teachers. Online content must be on-demand and viewable by all devices and editable. Educational regulations as well as Program IP requirements mean that personal security compliance is high priority.

Continuing Education group of large college in North America

4000 staff spread across about 30 faculties and administration

Sharing content in education doesn’t need big cloud expenses or new servers

Today’s educational institutions have to collaborate and share data. Online content interaction is critical for enriched learning. Colleges and Universities need on-demand file sharing to support online course delivery systems. Research projects need global file sharing and collaboration to be effective with full flexibility of devices. The problem is that EFSS has compliance and security issues and private clouds need new hardware and increased IT support – driving up capital and operating budgets.

FileFlex… Share education content without using the cloud

Share Content Anywhere without using the Cloud

  • Your course content stays resident behind the firewall and can be shared with students – based on there level of access.
  • Students and teachers can work together, share notes, edit content and assignments from a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet – from anywhere.
  • Academics can collaborate on research papers with other experts across the globe in a secure environment.

Work Collaboratively In Teams

  • No need to upload content to the Cloud. With FileFlex content stays resident at source locations and can be shared anywhere on most popular devices.
  • You can add comments, tasks, and updates to content.
  • Easily add or remove users and assign them roles and the ability to view, share or download content.

Secure Data Exchange

  • Because content stays resident behind the firewall – protection of sensitive educational research data, student records, faculty employee information, and academic intellectual property.
  • EFSS and private clouds mean that content has to be synced – and this often brings in non-compliance issues regarding data security and duplication. Because FileFlex content stays resident at source locations it is fully compliant with international data security standards.
  • Enable administrators, faculty, and students to securely use their system of choice including Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS and Windows across the network.

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