Financial services company

The Challenge:

A registered capital markets company with files that are highly confidential and need to be shared and versioned between client and organization. All communication needs to be tracked for audit purposes and granular permissions are required to manage struct securities industry compliance.

International wealth management company

400 staff spread over three continents

Overcoming efss non-compliancy in the financial industry… no cloud required

Financial markets are key drivers of the economy and they cover a broad application base that generates data. With key decision being made all the time users require constant collaboration. And they need regulatory compliance to cover many of the trading and reporting requirements – as well as deep client confidentiality.

FileFlex keeps shared data on premise and increases risk management and security

Increase File Sharing Security and Compliance

  • With FileFlex users can easily and remotely access, share, stream, manage and download files from their source locations, securely, from anyplace, anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • FileFlex is very secure. Files stay on your network, behind the firewall and nothing is moved or copied to third-party sites.
  • Traditional EFSS solutions store and transfer data in at least 2 logical locations (and often 3 to accommodate data backups).
  • FileFlex has an on-premise infrastructure and an encrypted file sharing channel minimizing security risk management. FileFlex conforms to financial industry regulatory mandates including JFSA and SEC oversight.
  • The FileFlex Management Console allows admin to add/delete users, set permissions, manage the Access Control List (ACL) and add storage repositories on either and individual-by-individual basis or grouped (department) basis.
  • Admin can assign storage to users on device, drive, folder or even file level granularity and determine who can share outside the company and who can add their own storage options.
  • FileFlex integrates Active Directory and LDAP for existing user authentication and adds a layer of data encryption that ensures full compliancy and as files stay in source locations – data residency is maintained.

Enhance the Advisor & Customer Experience

  • With FileFlex financial advisors can share files and securely and manage critical business content remotely – from any device, anywhere.
  • With security risks mitigate it becomes easier for financial organizations to deploy file sharing to promote a broad range of products to customers and integrate a wide range of secure, mobile-friendly applications.

What can FileFlex do for your business?