What FileFlex Can Do For You

With FileFlex you can securely access any file on your storage  from anywhere in the world.  All without uploading, downloading or using the cloud.

FileFlex provides secure remote access, file sharing, and streaming of files stored on your own storage all from one dashboard using your tablet, computer or smart phone.

Access All Your Storage

  • Makes your storage, files and media internet accessible from anywhere.
  • Home servers, media servers, corporate servers, NAS, SAN storage and FTP.
  • Windows, Linux and Mac laptop and desktop computers.
  • Public clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive), as well as private and virtual private clouds.
FileFlex - Access Share Stream
FileFlex - Access Share Stream

From Any Device

  • Remote access to your files from a smart phone, tablet or computer from one dashboard.
  • All your storage becomes an extension of your phone or tablet. This frees up local memory and allows you and your share recipients to access or stream any of your photos, videos, music and movies from massive collections not just subsets downloaded and stored on the phone or tablet’s local storage.

File Sharing

  • File sharing is from source locations where the file was saved – no need to sync or copy files to secondary locations.
  • Unlike the cloud, no uploading is required.
  • Share recipients do not need to download.  They can view or stream files directly from where they are stored.  Downloading can even be prohibited providing you complete control over who gets your stuff.
  • The files and folders you share act like an extension of your recipient’s local device.
  • There are no storage limitations.  All your storage is shareable.
  • No file size limits.  You can share multiple files or folders of any size.  It does not matter.
  • No quality degradation (no compression).
  • No complicated IT-type setup requirements for the sharing of files.  You just need a valid email address for each recipient.
  • A single share can be to multiple contacts or pre-determined groups.
  • Sharing is always permission based  –  not a link that can be forwarded to unauthorized recipients or shared on social media.
  • Sharing can be cancelled at any time on a recipient-by-recipient or file-by-file basis.
FileFlex - Access Share Stream
FileFlex - Access Share Stream

Private Streaming

  • Privately stream entire music, movie and video collections to your mobile devices. You can even let contacts stream your stuff! The size of the collection does not matter.
  • For example, you can remotely access or share an entire 100 GB lifetime collection of music – say 20,000 songs – with any contact or group of contacts. The recipients do not have to download 20,000 songs or even one song. In fact downloading can be prohibited. They simply access, by permission, the source folder of music where it is stored and stream what they are in the mood for directly to their phone.
  • The same principle applies if you want to access or share your entire movie collection or all of your home videos. Because there are no uploads to third parties, FileFlex enables a level of private sharing that cannot be matched even by a public cloud.
  • Streaming is always permission based.  Permissions can be cancelled or changed at any time.

Remote Multi-Location File Management

  • Unlike other file managers, FileFlex provides remote file management between multiple devices. The traditional file manager includes an ability to create folders, as well as, cut, copy, paste, move, upload and delete files. But that is where a traditional file manager ends. It works for devices you are connected to, but not when you are remote.
  • FileFlex enables you to use any internet connected smart phone, tablet or secondary computer to remotely cut, paste, copy, delete, rename, move and organize any document no matter where it is stored. You can even cut, copy and paste files between your various storage devices remotely. You don’t have to be on the same network to organize your files, so you can keep things organized from anywhere.
FileFlex - Access Share Stream
FileFlex - Access Share Stream

Remote Network Access

  • FileFlex turns networked devices into a powerful gateway into all storage.
  • With FileFlex on your server, NAS, or networked PC, you can use that server to access, share, stream and perform remote multi-device file management functions to any of the storage on the server and all storage on the server’s network.
  • You are virtualizing access to the server, any server attached storage such as a NAS, SAN, DAS, private cloud and every PC and laptop on the same network as the server.

Automatic Photo and Video Backup

  • Automatically back up the photos and videos from as many smart phones and tablets as you want to whatever storage you own.
  • You can even set FileFlex to only back up when connected via WiFi so as to not use up your cellular data.
FileFlex Photo Sync

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File Access Virtualization | FileFlex

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File Access Virtualization | FileFlex

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