FileFlex for Enterprise

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FileFlex makes remote collaboration easy, private and secure. Your team will be able to securely access, share and collaborate any file located on your corporate infrastructure of any size, type and format from any device.

FileFlex enterprise users can now securely collaborate and communicate by accessing and sharing any file on the corporate infrastructure from anywhere with anyone.

FileFlex for Enterprise

Enterprise File Sharing, Access and Collaboration

FileFlex for Enterprise uses proprietary file access virtualization technology to allow secure remote enterprise file sharing, access and collaboration from the existing corporate infrastructure. With a full suite of administrative tools and a management console, it is the perfect tool for organizations looking to provide their employees secure and remote access to files, without ever compromising security or privacy.

Corporate Security

Corporate information stays under the umbrella of the corporate owned infrastructure and control of IT.  Privacy and security of information can be contained completely on-premise without worrying about breaches, outages, ownership or who has access to data when it is stored and maintained by third parties.  Users have encrypted direct access to source locations without uploads to FileFlex, Qnext or any third party. Since files are located on the corporate infrastructure, there are no file size, storage or type limits and all of your company’s data remains securely in its original location. Real-time event logging provides an audit trail of file access actions – even if files are allowed and moved to a public cloud.

Enterprise Deployment

FileFlex for Enterprise is easy to deploy and administer.   An administrative console and suite of management tools lets you deploy and manage users according to the permissions already outlined in Active Directory, allowing users remote cloud access to all your existing storage investments as you determine.