FileFlex file access virtualization technology allows secure access, sharing and streaming of files stored on your your own storage devices to your tablet, computer or smart phone.

Remote Access

No storage limits

Event Logging

No file size limits


No degradation

Private Streaming

No Third Party Uploads

Access, share and stream from:

Corporate Servers, Home Servers, Media Servers, NAS, SAN storage, and FTP

Windows, Linux and Mac Laptop and Desktop Computers

Public Clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box & OneDrive), as well as Private and Virtual Private Clouds

file flex file access sharing streaming


We believe in being productive, in having fun, and in grabbing life by the horns. That’s why we believe in virtualizing access to your all your storage no matter where it is – in short, we want you to be more productive, whatever your “productive” is. Best in class file access, sharing and collaboration, along with one dashboard for accessing all of your stuff, no matter where it is stored.

You can get so much more done when you’re not behind a desk.

Why FileFlex

Virtualizing File Access

Patented File Access Virtualization technology enables secure remote access to your existing corporate infrastructure making any server, notebook, desktop, SAN, NAS, FTP or public, private or virtual private cloud to be available anytime, anywhere through a secure and private network and single dashboard essentially taking the company owned infrastructure and turning it in its entirety into a private cloud.

When one virtualizes the entire corporate and personal data storage, all files can be available and accessed from any computer or mobile device 24/7 providing data continuity and allowing users to start tasks on one device and finish them on another.  All the disparate data of the corporation scattered across its many devices and locations is now accessible.  Corporations and users no longer have to pick and choose what to sync and what not to sync.

Access, share and collaborate files stored on:

  • Corporate Servers
  • NAS, SAN storage
  • FTP
  • Windows, Linux and Mac Laptop and Desktop Computers
  • Public Clouds
  • Private and Virtual Private Clouds

Connect Using Any Device

Even if your files are stored halfway across the globe, they are accessible to you instantly – from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet or Windows, Linux or Mac computer. View your files, download them to another device, share them or edit them. Never worry about leaving behind a file, or running out of space on your mobile device.

Best-in-Class File Sharing

FileFlex file access virtualization allows  direct encrypted access to source locations enabling easy, secure file sharing and collaboration with internal and/or external colleagues or teams.  Your recipients do not have to be set up by IT with device credentials.  They have access only to the files and folders shared and do not even know where or on what device the shared files and folders are stored. There are no limits to file or storage size, files are shared without logging into FTP sites or portals and there is no quality degradation as files are accessed without compression.

Remote Multi-Location File Management

FileFlex enables users to use any internet connected device to cut, paste, copy, delete, move and organize any document located anywhere on the corporate infrastructure including cloud storage. Remote file management bypasses physical access to a device, re-entering credentials to a device and/or the vendor’s proprietary software which can sometimes be quite cumbersome. This is a particularly useful feature for file management of NAS and server storage or for easy data transfer.

Privacy and Security

Bring corporate information back under the umbrella of the corporate owned infrastructure and control of IT.  Privacy and security of information can be contained completely on-premise without worrying about breaches, outages, ownership or who has access to data when it is stored and maintained by third parties.  Users have high level encrypted direct access to source locations without uploads to FileFlex, Qnext or any third party.  Real-time event logging provides an audit trail of file access actions – even if files are allowed and moved to a public cloud.  This is particularly important for organizations that have to meet industry or governmental regulatory and compliance requirements.

One Dashboard for All Your Storage

One click is all it takes. From a single screen you have unfettered and secure access to all the content that matters to you. Through one dashboard our mobile and desktop apps allow you to connect to anywhere that you might store content.

Stream Music, Movies, and Videos

Have a large music, movie or video collection? Now you can use FileFlex to stream your owned media directly to your mobile phone, tablet or other computers. You can even share your collections with your contacts and let them stream your stuff to their devices.

Connect To Your Public Clouds

We offer the option of connecting to multiple public cloud providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive) so that no matter how you store files, we allow you to access them. Our real-time event logging provides an audit trail of all file access actions when using public cloud providers through FileFlex, as well as allowing for unlimited file size when sharing from them.

Do More With Your Files

Once accessed, you can edit, print, play music, video, send to other apps, collaborate with co-workers or share, all from your smartphone or tablet. FileFlex also allows you to download the content – whether it is to your smartphone, tablet or to a computer.

No Limits

Files too big? No problem. FileFlex allows sharing of any file type with any size with all of the file quality preserved. Ideal for anything from the biggest media projects to sending a friend a video of the concert you’re at. Zero limits, tons of potential.

Wide Range of Uses

People from all walks of life use FileFlex. Used by the enterprise for its mobile workers; entrepreneurs on the go for accessing files while travelling or between meetings; small businesses for staying on top of paperwork; professionals, advisors and consultants who need to get files from remote locations; and it is used by you to do anything you want.

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