Welcome to the Next Generation…FileFlex Enterprise 

Secure remote file access and sharing, from behind the firewall…
No cloud required

Access & Share Source Locations – No Need For Cloud Duplication

FileFlex leads the emerging content blockchain trend. FileFlex is a highly secure peer-to-peer, software-only solution that allows you to remotely access, share, stream and manage 100% of your data from source locations. Yes… right from where it is stored.

FileFlex Ensures That Secure Content Remains Behind The Corporate Firewall – Even When It Is Shared

As a virtualized software-only solution, FileFlex uses your existing storage behind the firewall, solving the risky issues of data residency, privacy, security and auditability of Cloud solutions.

Don’t Send Files. Send Access, & Track Usage.

You never need to copy, duplicate or sync files to third parties or secondary locations. And FileFlex provides a real-time audit trail of who, what and when files have been downloaded, accessed and shared.

Take control of your content., get the FileFlex solution and save bigtime on current Cloud costs

No new servers.  No extra people. No expensive EFSS or private clouds needed.  Fileflex allows users share data remotely in minutes, anywhere, anytime, from any device at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions and with full support for secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

More Powerful Features of FileFlex Enterprise

Peer-to-Peer Remote File Access & Sharing

BYOD Support

Encrypted Media Streaming

Remote File Management

Activity Logging

Active Directory Integration

Automatic backup of smart phone photos and videos