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How to Share Music – How I Shared My 100 GB Collection

Until today, how to share music and large collections of digital media has not been easy, however now with FileFlex you can share massive media collections right from where you stored them - no uploads, [...]

Automatic Photosync and Video File Sync – The Better Way

FileFlex now includes automatic photosync and video file sync backup from your smart phone to your own storage.  Now you can automatically in the background, back up the media from all of your smart phones [...]

NAS Storage Virtualization – How To Get More From Your NAS

In this blog post we look at how you can get more out of your NAS with NAS storage virtualization. The file access virtualization technology of FileFlex can take the utility of your NAS to [...]

Secure File Sharing Software (video) – The Better Way

This post looks at FileFlex as arguably the worlds most secure file sharing software. ¬†Because FileFlex is a software-only solution applied to your existing storage, files stay in their source locations on your storage, behind […]

Tom Ward   File Sharing

File Virtualization – The Better Way!

Until today, if you wanted files and folders to be available to on any device you are working on wherever you were, you were required to copy those files and folders to a secondary location […]