Maavi and Qnext sign MSP partnership to include FileFlex Enterprise in its suite of managed service solutions

Maavi and Qnext sign MSP partnership to include FileFlex Enterprise in its suite of managed service solutions

Maavi’s managed services IT solutions now include FileFlex Enterprise, the first remote access, sharing and collaboration platform with no cloud required.

Toronto, Ontario, June 26, 2018 – Qnext® Corp today announced that it has signed an MSP partnership with Maavi Corporation to include FileFlex Enterprise in its suite of managed service solutions.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, Maavi has become go-to expert in HIPAA compliance. This has led an innovative approach they call “HIPAA in a box”. As a global provider of technology-based business solutions and offering a full array of IT services including NOC, SOC and IT compliance, Maavi draws upon its exten­sive capabilities in consulting, busi­ness processes and IT infrastructure to craft solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. As a result of this innovation, Maavi now provides a full range of compli­ance services from risk assessment to remediation and ongoing opera­tions. Maavi attracts customers from HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates.

‘HIPAA in a Box’ is designed to address HIPAA mandated technical, physical and administrative safeguards, support the protection of protected health information (PHI), provide robust data security and integrity, include access/audit controls and authentication with each component adhere to HIPAA standards while providing an optimal user experience without being overly expensive.

By including FileFlex in its ‘HIPAA in a box’ solution stack, users can remotely access and share data that remains data resident and compliant in source locations behind the firewall while providing a great user experience and adhering to HIPAA security requirements with significant cost savings.

“Maavicorp is a solution provider that delivers customers with the solutions, services and technology they need” said Sri Pinnaka, the CEO of Maavi. “Because our customers rely on us to provide the functionality and solutions they need, we are proud to include FileFlex in our solution stack.”

With FileFlex Enterprise, a software-only solution, users remotely access, share, collaborate, stream and perform remote multi-device file management functions securely from their own storage without using the cloud. This results in a significantly reduced threat surface, a simplified storage structure and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) under the control of the organization. Add AES 256 encrypted hybrid point-to-point communication, two-factor authentication, active directory integration, operation and incident management, and you have a solution offering a much lower risk posture.

“Maavi is truly an innovator in HIPAA managed services,” said Anthony DeCristofaro, president and CEO of Qnext. “FileFlex Enterprise is the perfect content collabaroation solution that addresses the stringent requirements of Maavi’s cusomters and overcomes the security and compliance issues of traditional cloud applications.”

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 About Maavi Corporation

Based in San Francisco Maavi is global provider of technology-based business solutions that offers a full array of IT services to support business strategies and facilitate improvements for customers in selected industries. Drawing upon extensive capabilities in consulting, business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure, Maavi leverages deep industry expertise to craft integrated, industry-specific solutions to meet each customer’s current and long-term needs.


About Qnext

Qnext is a leading developer of innovative technologies and solutions that change the way individuals and organizations use, share and secure data. Its product – FileFlex Enterprise – is a highly secure hybrid point-to-point, software-only service to allow organizations to remotely access, share, stream, manage and collaborate 100% of their data from source locations without using the cloud. Qnext Corp. is based in Toronto, Canada and available globally. For more product information please visit: