A Preview of the Next 18 Months in Edge Computing

This webinar from the Edge Computing Association and sponsored by FileFlex explains the future of edge computing and how IT professionals and organizations should prepare for it.

The next wave of computing is the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud – so what does this mean exactly and how can IT respond to these changes? With all the changes in cloud – hybrid, private, multi, edge – just exactly where are we going? This webinar answers these questions and more!

In a recent white paper Market & Markets commented that, “multi-access edge computing and fog computing implement the fundamentals of the cloud computing, but are done at the edge of the network as close as possible to the source of the data produced by IoT devices/endpoint.”

But how do you set this up? What kind of administration and security are needed? What about servers – onsite, offsite? It really is not easy. However, it is getting increasingly evident that today’s cloud infrastructure cannot manage to send all the data back to the central cloud to process.

The trend is evident for the next year. Expect more innovation in distributed cloud solutions. Pilot some of the emerging technologies that are pushing forward like FileFlex — especially if you’re in a high-compliance sector like health, government and education (come to think of it we are all in high-compliance/security mode). Watch this webinar to find out more about the emergence of an effective edge cloud. Yes, the edge computing/cloud change is evident and now it’s time to manage it and make it as effective as possible.

Want to learn more about edge computing? Download the whitepaper from Markets & Markets – ‘Edge Computing –  Redefining and Powering Cloud Technology’!

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