Data Sovereignty – Preventing Possible Data Exfiltration Inherent to Cloud Storage Solutions

In March 2018, the protection of privacy of data stored in the cloud via data residency was essentially nullified. In order to combat the international nature of 21st century crime, governments are making their investigation abilities easier by extending their jurisdiction beyond their geographic borders to access and exfiltrate data stored on cloud servers no matter where or what country that server is physically located, without using the previous treaty process, without notification to the host government and without notification to the data owner.

Data exfiltration is now a real threat to the privacy and protection of client confidential information because customer data, regardless of where it's stored, can now be legally sequestered by any number of foreign powers and circumvent local privacy regulations. This may ultimately put organizations at risk.

Data sovereignty – keeping files behind the organization’s firewall, on corporate storage assets, in specific geographic regions and access controlled – is the new priority. FileFlex Enterprise protects data sovereignty and prevents possible data exfiltration inherent to cloud solutions to ensure compliance to local privacy regulations. There is no chance any third-party can gain access to files without the organization's knowledge.
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Data Sovereignty – The New Priority.

Preventing Possible Data Exfiltration Inherent to Cloud Solutions.